MOBOTIX HUB Plug In Search Agent - ENG

This Plug In (as of March 2022) from MOBOTIX adds specific search filters for typical MOBOTIX events to the Desk Client. This allows an optimal search for MOBOTIX camera-based events of the Premium IoT-Camera Line models such as M24,D15, M26 and the M73. This significantly reduces the evaluation time for the user and makes more efficient use of camera-based detection. In addition, after P7 app events can also be detected by:

  • Vaxtor App LPR detection
  • Vaxtor App Container Detection
  • Vaxtor APP UIC for railway number detection
  • AiFacedetect for face recognition

can be selected as search criteria.




The following MOBOTIX events of the IoT camera line are supported:

  • Environment Events
  • Image Analysis Events
  • Message Events
  • Meta Events
  • Signal Events

With the latest version (as of 04.03.2022) of the plug-in, the individual events created (event type) are now also made available in the search mask with the individually created profile name. For example, the Activity Sensor.
The user can filter according to three criteria:

  • Category (event category → e.g. all AS and VM events).
  • Event Type (specifically by an event such as AS-GarageJörg)
  • Name Filter (by any profile name)
    e.g. only by one of the above filter types or in a logical AND operation, the search filter can be further narrowed down by a selection in another filter block.

This Plug In is only available for the MOBOTIX HUB versions L4 and L5!

In this video we show how we use the Vaxtor LPR APP in the P7 camera and make a research with the Search Agent (the video shows still a former version of the Search Agent, but still shows the general workflow.
Please use always the latest Version of the Search Agent (MOBOTIX HUB Plug.Ins):