MOBOTIX LIVE Version 2.6 - Overview of the NEW Functions

The new MOBOTIX Live APP version 2.6 offers the following new functions:

The search function “Bell Events” has been renamed to Events and the user can now use the new search filter to find not only bell events of the door stations. The app offers the user a search filter that determines:

  • Which cameras
  • Which events
  • Over which time period
    Should be searched for.

Typical application example:

On holiday one would like to know was someone on my property last night . This can now be easily determined by a search. Search for AS events from only the outdoor cameras over the corresponding time range.

  1. Extension of the predefined softbutton profiles:
    The profiles have essentially been extended to include the wide range of MxMC remote commands that allow the user to influence the display of the MxMC via softbuttons from within the app, e.g. placing the camera overview on the input monitor.

Furthermore, API commands for the Kentix and Patlite products have been added to the predefined softbutton profiles. This allows an easier control of the products in order to control the necessary third-party products from the MOBOTIX APP.



  1. The APP now also supports calls for remote control via URI. This allows, for example, the use of the popular Shortcut APP from Apple to combine processes with other apps.
    Commands for the “remote Call” of the App are:
  • mobotixlive:// → To show the app
  • mobotixlive://fip= → Show the app with the specific camera
    Important: Only use the factory camera IP for addressing and do not use the assigned network IP of the camera.

  1. The MOBOTIX APP is highly dependent on the camera software version and now users are actively notified if the camera software needs to be updated.

May Update:
IoS and Android Version 2.6.x supporting this list of features!