After the discontinuation of the MOBOTIX NAS devices, we are now working together with QNAP, one of the leading NAS manufacturers, on a software solution for MxMC playback access to recordings from MOBOTIX MOVE cameras or ONVIF-capable cameras. After the upgrade, MOBOTIX NAS customers will have access to many new features and functions and it is much more than just a firmware update!

More detailed information can be found in the following article:

What is necessary for preparation:

What is necessary for preparation:

  • The upgrade file MOBOTIX-NAS-QNAP-Upgrade_1.0.0.qfix
  • The latest QVR Pro version officially available via QNAP Store
  • A license Mx-SW-MC-QNAP (QNAP License) per NAS for activating the MxMC Playback function (available via MOBOTIX Sales)
  • One access to QNAP Manager 2
  • An installed MxMC
  • The installed QVR Pro version and the recording do not need to be deleted.

What changes for MOBOTIX NAS customers:

  1. The QTS software is now an official QNAP software with all new features, latest security updates and full support access at QNAP.

  2. The QVR Pro software is now also based on the official QNAP QVR Pro software and can be updated automatically via the standard QNAP process. Current release information can be found on the official QNAP site:

  3. Use the full bandwidth of the QNAP add-on apps.

  4. The installed QNAP Camera Channel licenses on the MOBOTIX NAS remain unchanged.

  5. The customer gets a new QNAP MxMC Playback support from on request. (only required for playback of MOVE or ONVIF cameras with the MxMC)

Request to obtain a free MxMC Playback Licence Mx-SW-MC-QNAP:

  • Request via or
  • MOBOTIX Order Code: Mx-SW-MC-QNAP
  • MOBOTIX NAS serial number (located on the nameplate on the bottom of the unit)
  • Complete contact details
  • Email subject: MOBOTIX NAS Upgrade
  • Proof of ownership, e.g. proof of purchase of the affected MOBOTIX NAS device.

The following installation steps are necessary:

  1. Install the file MOBOTIX-NAS-QNAP-Upgrade_1.0.0.0.qfix on the MOBOTIX NAS.

  1. Update the firmware (QTS) in the Control Panel under Firmware update!
  • Obtain the software via QNAP software download page
  • Model QNAP TS-251+ corresponds to our MOBOTIX NAS 2 Bay
  • Model QNAP TS-451+ corresponds to our MOBOTIX NAS 4 Bay
  • Model QNAP TS-873UG corresponds to our MOBOTIX NAS 8 Bay

IMPORTANT: If there is a reboot between the MOBOTIX-NAS-QNAP-Upgrade_1.0.0.0.qfix file and the QTS software, please reinstall the MOBOTIX-NAS-QNAP-Upgrade_1.0.0.0.qfix file first and then install the Firmware (QTS).

The system automatically reboots after the firmware update and the user interface appears in the QNAP design.

  1. Activate the MOBOTIX MxMC Playback license. (Attention: “Stop QVR Pro” if already installed).

![Screenshot 2023-03-03 at 06.57.40|370x118]

  1. Install the following apps via the App Center:
  • Container Station Version 2.6.4 (or newer)
  • QVR Pro Version 2.5 (or newer) (get from the QNAP APP Store)

  1. After that, the new QVR Pro version is started and supports the MxMC playback function.
  2. Properly a reboot of the QNAP NAS could be required specially to show the full amount of embedded QVR Pro Channel licenses are