QNAP New Software License instead of MOBOTIX NAS

After discontinuing the MOBOTIX NAS devices, we are now working with QNAP, one of the renowned NAS manufacturers, to provide a software solution for MxMC playback access to recordings from MOBOTIX MOVE cameras or ONVIF-enabled cameras.

The MOBOTIX NAS has already been officially set as End of Live in 2022 and no new features will be made available via software Udpate and only necessary maintenance updates will be provided if required.

QNAP offers with their NAS devices based on the operating system QTS in combination with the QNAP QVR Pro Recording Software the possibility to record MOVE cameras or ONVIF cameras. Through a joint software project we are able to playback the recording with the MXMC.

To enable this software function, a corresponding license Mx-SW-MC-QNAP must be activated in the QNAP NAS, which can be obtained from MOBOTIX AG.

Customers can then purchase channel licenses for the MOVE or ONVIF cameras according to the QNAP license model from QNAP to match their QVR PRO software.
Landing Page QNAP and MxMC:

The advantage the NAS hardware and the required recording software with the appropriate channel licenses is obtained from QNAP supply sources.

The MOBOTIX cameras, the free MxMC, and the necessary licenses for third-party cameras will continue to be purchased from MOBOTIX. Newly added QNAP Activation License Mx-SW-MC-QNAP for MxMC playback access will be obtained from MOBOTIX.

MOBOTIX customers who already have a MOBOTIX NAS in use can upgrade their device in the future with the maintenance versions of the software or upgrade to the full QNAP QTS / QVR Pro solution including the channel licenses with many new features and apps from QNAP. This is not a simple update of the MOBOTIX NAS but a complete upgrade to another generation of QNAP software it is necessary to purchase the MxMC Playback license Mx-SW-MC-QNAP.

  • This allows additional channel licenses to be purchased for additional cameras if required

  • Full use of the extensive QNAP apps such as Back Up , Recovery Anti Virus and Monitoring Apps etc.

  • Latest QTS / QVR Pro software with full functionality and adaptation to current hardware requirements

  • Use of any QNAP NAS models that are optimized for the project.

  • Recording of the IOT cameras using Samba based on the latest Samba standard for even better performance and stability.

  • Latest security updates guaranteed via automatic updates.


Features and functions of QNAP.

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