MOBOTIX Plug IN Package - New Features March 2023

MOBOTIX AG is constantly working on expanding the Plug IN package. The existing functions of the MOBOTIX Plug IN are primarily:

  1. Thermal Dashboard - Visualization of temperature curves recorded by MOBOTIX thermal cameras. The Thermal Dashboard in the MOBOTIX HUB complements the MOBOTIX Thermal Camera functions and has the application focus on:

    • Live monitoring and surveillance of temperature-critical processes
    • Subsequent analysis of the temperature curve

  1. Improvements and bug fixes (see Release Notes)

Release Notes:

In the new MOBOTIX HUB version 2022 R3 and newer, the search filters can already be used by the user from version L2. The Incident Manager is included in the L5 version and can be activated via licences in the L2/L3/L4 versions. For owners of the MOBOTIX HUB version 2022 R2 and lower, the range of functions is the same as before. An update to 2022 R3 is highly recommended in order to use the MOBOTIX camera-specific functions in the Forensic Search.