MOBOTIX SYNC - Firewall Configuration (EN)

In this article, you will find detailed information on how to configure ports in the Windows Firewall to allow metadata and image traffic on your MOBOTIX SYNC server.

1.- Go to “Control Panel” → “System and Security”

2.- Click on “Windows Defender Firewall.”

3.- Go to “Advanced settings.”

4.- Click on “Inbound Rules” → “New Rule.”

5.- Select “Port” → “Next.”

6.- Select “TCP” → “Specific local ports” → “Next.”

7.- Select “Allow the connection” and click “Next.”

8.- Choose the option that suits your infrastructure scenario and click “Next.”

9.- You can choose the names and description you prefer, then click “Finish.”

10.- In the end, you’ll be able to view the rule created for your MOBOTIX SYNC.

Note: In case you use a port other than the default 8080 to access your MOBOTIX SYNC application, you can make the change in your Firewall at any time.