MOBOTIX SYNC - Integration in the Management Center MxMC

MOBOTIX SYNC Webpages could be integrated in the Info Pages of the MxMC.

There are two ways to integrate Web Pages from the MOBOTIX SYNC:

  1. HTML URL in the INFO Page of the MxMC
  2. MxMC Softbutton to open a extra Window with the MOBOTIX SYNC content

Add to the INFO Page

The MxMC has different Views like:

  • Live
  • Graphics
  • Grid
  • Info

The Info view allow to add as well HTML Pages and support simple Browser technology to include webpages by drag and drop the URL from the Browser in the Info Field of the MxMC (in the EDIT mode of the Info Page).

Create a Softbutton:

In the Component View of the MxMC the Admin can create a new Softbutton and add the URL of the MOBOTIX Sync Server.