MxMC export to .avi

What am I doing wrong? If I export directly from MxMC a video file with an actual length of 42 seconds I get a 700Mb+ chunk of data that is downscaled to 1920x1080 pixels. If I export it first in .mxg and then re-export from MxCC (<-not a typo) I get a 50Mb video file with the original recording (QXGA) resolution with no apparent loss in quality.
What is my direct path to achieving this result with MxMC?


Amin Kassam / LMCS

Am I alone with this one? Nobody else having trouble with MxMC exported file size? Then please let me know how to do it.


Amin / LMCS

Found out one contributing factor. The frame rate is fixed at 12fps as a default value. Reducing this to match the actual recorded frame rate reduced the output file proportianally.