MxMC: Optimize the standard group "All Cameras"

In the default setting, the MxMC 2.1 creates a group “All Cameras” after initially adding cameras. All added cameras are automatically assigned to this group. This allows a fast commissioning of the system with a small number of cameras (usually 5-20 camera projects which do not require a subdivision into different groups). In projects where the number of cameras increases a grouping of many cameras into meaningful groups is indispensable e.g. group entrance, group inside cameras, group outside cameras etc… In this case the group “All cameras” is pushed into the background during use and should be adjusted due to the larger number of cameras to avoid unnecessary performance problems when displaying this group.

What can be adjusted:

  • Group Settings
  • Group Hide all cameras via groups rights

Default settings in the MxMC:

Displaying 80 cameras on a standard PC is not practical and it is recommended to reduce the number of groups for “All cameras” to e.g. 20 cameras or less.
If necessary, adjust the other settings to the computer performance!


Group rights can be used to remove the camera group “All cameras” from the normal user and thus prevent the user from unintentionally switching to the group “All cameras” and overloading the computer.