MxMC Remote Control: Event triggered Alarm Pop-Ups

We can use the Remote Control function MxMC and a IP Notify Profile to trigger an Alarm in MxMC when an event is triggered.

  1. Setup the Remote Control on MxMC
  • Article below covers the basics and provide example of what can be done with this feature
  1. Create the IP Notify for the Alarm Pop-Up in the Camera (Admin Menu > IP Notify)

IP Notify Type: Custom Configuration
Destination Address: <pc_ip_address>:<port_set_in_mxmc_remote_control>
Data Protocol: HTTP/1.0 Request
CGI-Path: /alarm
HTTP Authentication: username:password
Data Type: Plaintext
Message: ip=<camera_ip>

  1. Create an Action Group (Setup Menu > Action Group Overview)
  • Event Selection: <The_Event_to_trigger_the_Alarm>

  • Action: IP Notify created in Step 2.