Meta events alarms

Hi. I’m try to select only Meta events generated alarms to be received by MxMC, but, when i select only this type of alarms from the camera, it do not work. Where can be the problem?
And, another question, will it be possible to set the camera to send only specified alarm actions to MxMC like MxCC way, to push only this alarms from the camera to the MxMC?

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I am trying to do the same thing and the meta alarm is not coming through. I know it is set up properly. It sure would be nice to just be able to specify an activity sensor profile as the triggering event.

@MX-Sarunas @Dirk4657

the best way to trigger an alarm in ManagementCenter for a specific camera event, is by using the “Remote Control” function File–>Preferences–>Remote Control. Activate it and look in the Examples provided. You can take the API’s provided there to create an IP Notify in the camera which can be then set as an Action in an Action Group.

I’ve been playing around with the MxMC remote control and you’re absolutely right, very powerful tool.