Supported Devices - IP Speaker

The List of supported IP Speaker in the MOBOTIX CLOUD.

List updated on the 04.08.2023

Make Model Notes
AXIS C1310-E
AXIS C1410
AXIS C1004-E Needs FW Update
AXIS D4100-E Needs FW Update
AXIS C3003-E Needs FW Update
AXIS C8210
Commend AFLS10HPW Needs FW Update
Digital Acoustic IP7 EDB-POE
Hanwha TID 600R
TOA Corporation IP-A1SC15 Needs FW Update
TOA Corporation UC-4SC615Q UC-4SC615Q Needs FW Update
Zenitel ELSII-10HM
Zenitel ELSII-10LHM
Zenitel ELSII-10PM
Zenitel ELSII-10WM
Zenitel ELSIR-10CM