Thermal TR: Automatically setting the correct Ambient Temperature


For any application where a MOBOTIX Thermal TR camera is deployed, there are three elements that need to be correctly set for an accurate as possible temperature reading. Under Setup Menu > Thermal Sensor Settings > Temperature Compensation you will find:

  1. Object Emissivity

  2. Atmospheric Transmission

  3. Ambient Temperature

In this article the focus is going to be on how to ensure the Ambient Temperature is as accurate as can be. The Ambient Temperature is never constant. During the course of the day the temperature will fluctuate. We can ensure that this is as accurate as possible by using the integrated temperature sensor on the camera in conjunction with a IP Notify to adjust this value, at regular time periods.

Note: Using a Mx-GPS-Box or ExtIO to detect the Ambient Temperature provides even more accurate results then the integrated temperature sensor.

Admin Menu > IP Notify

  • IP Notify Type: Custom Configuration

  • Destination Address: localhost:80

  • Transfer Protocol: HTTP/1.0 Request

  • CGI Path: /control/control

  • HTTP Authentication: :

  • Notification Data: Plain Text

  • Message: set&section=thermal&uhu_tcomp_atm_temp=$(SEN.TOU.CELSIUS)

Admin Menu > Time Tasks

  • Add a Time Task

  • Select the IP Notify Profile created in Step 1. in the left hand drop down menu

  • Select the frequencey in which you wish to update the ambient temperature. In this case I have choosen every 10 minutes but entering */10 in the minutes column

Note: The syntax for annotating the time in Time Tasks can be found in the online help file of the camera


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Thanx Michael, this made a significant improvement to my COVID9000 :man_health_worker: monitoring setup.
Original setup the Atmospheric Transmission variable to get 0.1 degree differnt to typmpanic thermometer measurement during the afternoon but was 2 degrees out the next morning due to Ambient… so after researching found what to change and then upon checking th Community found your guide!
Excellent, works very well, good feedback from over the weekend’s testing and comparisons.

cheers and again thanx to everyone involved,

Thanks Michael,
What about the Atmospheric Transmission?
I notice that this value also needs to be set correctly. But we don’t have a clear reference for this.
Is there a rule of thumb, of a way to calculate this?

Only adjusting the environment temperature is not always giving the correct read out.



We find the atmospheric transmission figure depends on several things:
The sensor used
Distance and mounting of the camera
The surroundings the camera is in

For 119 sensors the atmospheric transmission we have found tends to sit best between 90 - 95 for this we also find the person needs to be around 1.5 - 2m from the camera.
For 079 sensors we find it sits between 85 - 90 we also find it is better for the person to be around 1 - 1.5m from the camera.

Thanks Michael, I have set the camera follow your indication.
Now the temperature seems not stable during the day, raise about 2 or 3 grades.
I post a foto , down near the gps sensor there’s a series of 0, this meand i miss something?
mobotix cam|690x297