Vaxtor ALPR Apps - FAQ Supported Integration / Reporting Protocols

This article answers the most frequent asked questions regarding the available integrations and integration prtocols of the Certified Vaxtor Apps for MOBOTIX 7 cameras.

Which VMS systems can the MOBOTIX / Vaxtor solution be integrated into?
All Vaxtor apps include interfaces into the MOBOTIX HUB, Milestone X-Protect, Genetec Security Center and Network Optix NxWitness video management systems with the v7.3.1.x firmware release. In addition, the common solution can be integrated into many other VMS systems via generic interfaces (e.g. TCP/IP or XML).

What features are offered for these VMS systems?
The integration mainly includes the transmission of events and the contained event data such as the recognized license plates, country of origin, vehicle manufacturer, vehicle model, color, etc. (see available variables for metadata of the apps). (see available variables for metadata of the apps).
This allows the user to use the search functions of the VMS systems to get faster to the desired image material or the desired search results. Depending on the functionality of the VMS systems, several filters can be set at the same time in order to limit the factors for the search as much as possible.

What generic transmission protocols are available for 3rd party reporting?
All apps have the ability to send event data via XML, JSON, TCP/IP (HTTPS), FTP(S) and CSV to selected recipients / servers.

Protocols such as UTMC, BOF2 or other TCP/IP or XML based communication standards can also be implemented on request. For this only a concrete project request is needed.

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