How to configure and use the MOBOTIX HUB VaxALPR Plugin in MOBOTIX HUB DeskClient

Through the MOBOTIX HUB VaxALPR plugin, we offer the possibility to search specifically for certain license plates of the Vaxtor LPR app.

How you have to proceed here, you can see in this article

1. Configure the Camera to send VaxALPR Events to the MOBOTIX HUB

Activate Milestone Analytic Event in the camera.

Setup Menu: Certified Apps → Vaxtor App → Reporting → Milestone Analytic Event.

Now enter the following data:

  • URL: “Address of Milestone Server:Port of Analytic Event”.
  • Camera Name: Enter the IP address or camera name of the camera in your MxHub system that should receive the data.

2. Prepare MxHub to receive Analytic Events

- ManagementClient → Tools → Options → Analytic Events

=>Check the box Enabled

=> Enter port: Default port 9090 , This must also be entered in the Vaxtor app if it is changed.

=> Now you can decide if every address can send an analytic event or if the reception is limited to certain addresses only.

3. Create Analytic Event

- ManagementClient → Rules and Events → Analytics Events

  • Add a new Analytics event, by Right Click → Add new…

=> The name must be as follows for the Vaxtor application: VaxALPR On Camera Event

The name must be explicitly named so.

Explanation of the name:

The Vaxtor app sends its metadata in a certain format (XML) and MxHub expects a certain structure.

The name is contained in the “Message” section.

If you take a closer look at the sent message, the app itself sends the following data: “Image data has been removed due to clarity”.

4. Create a Rule for Recording when VaxALPR Analytic Events triggers

- ManagementClient → Rules and Events → Rules → Right Click → Add Rule…


Now the MxHub will receive the VaxALPR Event and start a recording.

5. Search for an licence plate in MxHub DeskClient

Click on Search

  • Select a Time range for the filters
  • Select the VaxALPR Camera
  • Click on Search for… → Select VaxALPR
  • Click on New search

in the field PlateFilter, fill in the license plate which you are searching for

You will get the detected license plate within the time range and when clicking on them, you will receive detailed informations about the Events and you can have a look into the recording.

Here you can see a short clip of how to perform with this plugin