Vaxtor apps: Options for blacklist/whitelist license plate management

Black/Whitelist Management MOBOTIX 7 / Vaxtor ALPR

This document sets out a wide range of options for

Black/whitelist license plate management in relation to Vaxtor license plate recognition.

A wide variety of methods are listed and explained point by point.
The table of contents will take you directly to the desired section.

The descriptions refer to the Vaxtor license plate recognition app but can also be transferred to the following Vaxtor Certified apps by making minor adjustments to the URL.

  • Vaxtor LicensePlateRecognition / Dangerous Goods

  • Vaxtor LicensePlateRecognition Multi Lens

  • Vaxtor Make Model Color Recognition

  • Vaxtor VaxOCR Container Code Recognition

  • Vaxtor UIC Railway Code Recognition

  • Vaxtor USDOT Number Recognition

  • Vaxtor AIN – Airplane Identification

Black_Whitelist_Verwaltung_MOBOTIX7_Vaxtor_ALPR_V1_MaCei_EN.pdf (2,9 MB)