How to configure a signaled License Plate recognition in Vaxtor ALPR App

Two different detection modes can be used with the Vaxtor ALPR Apps.

Freeflow: license plate is detected if it appears in the detection area

Signaled: Vaxtor ALPR app gets a MxMessage trigger for a one-time detection at the time the MxMessage arrives in the app.

this tutorial explains how to set up the configuration for this.

In this case, the camera receives a signal input and sends a MxMessage to the Vaxtor app so that it starts a detection when a signal input is received.

1. Create a MxMessage Profil for Action Groups

Admin-Menu → MxMessage System → Message Profiles for Action Groups

Add a new Profile

the default MxMessage in the Vaxtor app for a signaled detektion is: trigger

However, you can use any MxMessage, which must then be customized in the Vaxtor app afterwards.

It is important to set the Message Range to Local!

2. Create an Event that should trigger the MxMessage to the Vaxtor App

Setup-Menu: Event Overview

in this case we use a Signal Input as Trigger Event.

You can also use an IP-Notify Event for example which will be send from 3rd Party software.

3. Create an action group that sends the MxMessage to the Vaxtor app when an event occurs

Setup-Menu: Action Group Overview

Add new group

Select the triggering event in the Event Selection

Add a new action and select your MxMessage Profile which you have created in the first step

4. Configure the Vaxtor ALPR App to signaled mode

Setup-Menu: Certified App Settings → Vaxtor ALPR

Working Mode: signaled

Trigger Message: trigger (or enter your own message which you have define in the MxMessage Profile for Action Groups)

Now, the Vaxtor app only detects a license plate once at this point in time when the MxMessage arrives.

and only if the signal input (event) is present in the camera.