VMS Navigator - Which fits the best?

VMS Navigator

MOBOTIX offers three types of video management systems (VMS) with different application focuses.

Determining the VMS is a complex process and requires a deeper technical analysis. Defining the right VMS is necessary at an early stage of the project when the decision maker / operator may not yet have the exact technical specifications. The basic questions listed below help in the initial assessment of which VMS should be chosen without having to cover the important basic aspects with technical features or a deep understanding of the product. In the best case, these questions can already be discussed in the first meeting with the customer and help with further planning.

As a basis for our partners to determine which VMS is the optimal one, the following aspects should be asked.

The basic questions:

  • Number of cameras to be installed in the project or already in the inventory?
    → It is about the maximum number of cameras to be integrated into the system!
  • Which camera manufacturers and models are to be used or are already in use?
    → Should ONVIF or third-party cameras (hybrid system) be used or should mainly MOBOTIX IOT cameras be used!
  • Which VMS is currently in use and how satisfied is the customer with this VMS?
  • Number of workstations on which a VMS client is to run?
  • Number of users who are to access the VMS?
    → A large number of workstations or users requires more configuration and maintenance effort and can be managed more optimally with a central system!
  • How many cameras are planned or already in use at the site?
  • If cameras are to be used at several locations, how many locations are to be equipped with video?

Based on this information of the basic requirement of the VMS and the VMS characteristics of MXMC , MOBOTIX HUB and MOBOTIX CLOUD described below, a first selection can be made.

MOBOTIX Management Center MxMC:

Number of cameras:
Optimal for using MOBOTIX IOT cameras and the camera APPS without incurring significant licensing costs.
Fulfils the classic VMS tasks for up to approx. 200 cameras. The number of cameras, users or camera groups is not limited.
If the application focus is only on the search and not on live alarm handling, significantly more cameras can be integrated.

Forensic Search:
Forensic Search with Smart Data connection to MOBOTIX camera APP’s without VMS licence costs.

MxMC offers with the Smart Data technology a possibility for partners and third party providers to transfer metadata from customer systems (e.g. logistic applications) to the cameras with little effort and thereby offer a sophisticated forensic search in MxMC based on this metadata.

The Forensic Search is based on metadata from:

  • MOBOTIX Events (e.g. Activity Sensor, MxMessage, …)
  • Camera Apps
  • External Smart Data sources (e.g. Vectron, HUTH, Ratio, CarReader, …)

P7 Camera Apps supported by MxMC and Smart Data are Apps :

  • Vaxtor
  • FF Group
  • VT
    (Apps from AI are not Smart Data capable)

Manufacturer focus:
Main focus on MOBOTIX IOT models with MxPeg Stream and their configuration.
H264 and ONVIF S support for MOBOTIX MOVE and third-party cameras with basic VMS functions.
Not optimal for a large hybrid system with many cameras integrated with ONVIF S.

Number of workstations:
With an increasing number of workstations (>10), the configuration effort increases when changing the configuration, as this is not managed centrally. Decentralised VMS approach.

Number of users:
A large number of users can be created in the MxMC and the corresponding rights can be assigned. Rights assignment is single-level, each user must be connected to the rights matrix.
Optimal for smaller number of users , larger users possible with the corresponding administrative effort.

Different locations:
Solutions with e.g. several petrol station locations are possible and not limited. Not optimal for many locations but possible for a experienced MOBOTIX Partner!


Number of cameras:
The MOBOTIX HUB supports well over 10,500 devices and is ideal for hybrid camera installations with a wide range of system integrations. Wide management possibilities and optimal for MOVE and ONVIF cameras in combination with MOBOTIX IOT cameras. The license-based structure allows the customer to choose the right HUB level depending on the number of cameras or functional requirements.
Focus is on medium projects up to large projects with up to thousands of cameras and systems.

Manufacturer focus:
Focus on a wide range of manufacturers and offers MOBOTIX support for MxPEG/H264 (ONVIF) with Forensic Search for camera APP data from L4 version. For pure MOBOTIX MOVE camera installations, the MOBOTIX HUB is ideal from L1 (free of charge for up to 8 cameras).

Forensic Search:
The Forensic Search offers such filters for many P7 camera apps that support the so-called “MOBOTIX HUB Analytic Event”. These include the MOBOTIX Events and P7 apps from:

  • AI App’s
  • Vaxtor App’s

In direct comparison to MxMC, there is a common intersection in the Vaxtor App’s that support both VMS systems. Since Vaxtor is a MOBOTIX subsidiary company and we have direct influence on the development.

Number of workstations:
Due to the central administration and server structure with failover possibilities, there are practically no limits to the number of workstations.

Number of users:
Due to the central, multi-level user administration and support of Active Directory, a large number of users can be handled, even in Smart City applications or large company complexes. The failover and redundancy capabilities of the management servers also play an important role here.

Multiple locations:
An installation distributed over many locations is guaranteed by the HUB system and can be implemented in the professional sector through corresponding concepts and is in use many times.


Number of cameras:

MOBOTIX CLOUD supports all cameras with ONVIF S support, including the MOBOTIX MOVE cameras and the MOBOTIX IOT cameras from the P6 and P7 series. As a simple and easy-to-use cloud-based VMS, it can be used with a large number of cameras. There are no limits to the cloud. The focus is not on alarm handling but on camera management, research and visual control of individual cameras. Special discipline. Cloud based AI object classification for cloud video search (forensic search).
Service cost of cloud billed per camera per month (Fix Rate based on Resolution and Retention time! NO additional costs based on bandwidth usage or amount of Users!).

Manufacturer focus:
The Cloud currently supports over 3000 camera manufacturers with world standard ONVIF S.
Focus on a large number of manufacturers and specifically offers MOBOTIX Support Event Support for Thermal Events, Image Analysis Events (VM and AS) as well as MOBOTIX Message Events.
Such camera events trigger a recording or an alarm in the cloud. An explicit search for meta data of the P7 camera apps as in MxMC or MOBOTIX HUB is currently not supported.

Number of workstations:
Browser-based access and access via smartphone apps allow an unlimited number of workstations . Easy access via internet.

Number of users:
The cloud-based VMS solution offers an unlimited number of users without additional costs. Easy administration of users through the cloud or through the smartphone app. User management couldn’t be simpler!

Multiple locations:
Parade discipline for CLOUD integration, management and monitoring of cameras in many locations. Easily scalable and minimal hardware and maintenance effort.