6SS Centaur - Failover for Managment Server

Centaur® will contribute to increased security by maximizing system uptime, eliminating a single point of failure, and decreasing the deployment cost, without the need to use proprietary clustering mechanisms and without the need for dedicated storage and advanced IT personnel skills.


Centaur: SQL and Management Server Redundancy - Standalone Failover application for MOBOTIX HUB Systems Management Server and SQL Server

6SS Centaur® is an application that groups two MOBOTIX HUB Management Servers and two SQL Servers into a virtual entity. The primary MOBOTIX HUB Combined server and the secondary MOBOTIX HUB Combined server will each have its own physical IP address. They will be combined together to form a virtual server with its own separate virtual IP address.
All MOBOTIX HUB components, including the Event, Log, Recording, Mobile, and Microsoft SQL Servers, will be configured to use the Virtual IP Address in all their system communications. 6SS Centaur® will forward the data to the relevant server. Centaur will replicate and synchronize the real-time data once the Primary Server is down and will assure that the secondary server will take over in case the primary server goes down with minimal downtime period.