Alarm integration of c71 NurseAssist in Ascom SmartSense

- About Ascom SmartSense -
Ascom is a global solutions provider focused on healthcare ICT and mobile workflow solutions.
The Ascom Unite SmartSense solution - based on the Ascom teleCARE IP platform - enables the creation of individual resident profiles. These help to create care environments that combine safety and autonomy. The solution can be complemented with various sensors and cameras as required. These sensors, video images and smart algorithms support the alarm function.

Important Note: There is another potential for the integration of c71 NurseAssist called Ascom Ofelia. Ascom Ofelia is an enterprise-grade alarm and workflow management suite using standard industry communication protocols like MQTT, OPC UA. MODBUS/TCP and others.
The c71 NurseAssist device supports MQTT and the integration should therefor be straight forward as well. Further information follow in a separate article.

- Getting started -
The c71 NurseAssist Sensor comes with a configuration optimized for the use case and thus differs significantly from other MOBOTIX cameras by default.
In order to integrate the alarms into Ascom SmartSense, this configuration must be extended with customized IP Notify profiles and action groups, which convert the MxMessageSystem events created by the NurseAssist app into compatible IP notification and address the alarm structure prepared in Ascom SmartSense.

- Create a IP Notify Profile for every notification type -
Go to “Admin Menu → Transfer Profiles → IP Notify Profiles”. Click on the button Add new profile. Fill
in the fields as shown in the image below:

For FallDetected notifications, we use a GET request to the trigger-alert end-point:



Field Type Description
SensorId String Unique identifier for a specific sensor. Can only contain upper/lower case letters and numbers.
AlertName String Name of the alert, should be present, in this case FallDetected
SensorType String In this case it is NurseAssist

For NotInBed and InBed notifications, we use the clients end-point



Field Type Description
SensorId String Unique identifier for a specific sensor. Can only contain upper/lowercase letters and numbers.
SensorType String In this case it is NurseAssist
StatusName String The name of the status, in this case either InBed or NotInBed

- Testing the configuration -
You can test the IP Notify Profile configuration by going to “Admin Menu → Network
Setup → Test Current Network Configuration → IP Notify”. Choose the IP Notify
Profile you configured above.