Alarm integration of c71 NurseAssist in IQ Messenger

- About IQ Messenger -
IQ Messenger is a vendor independent and software-only platform for critical alarms and communication among others focusing on healthcare applications. The apps and integrations enable organisations to combine alarms from both existing and new systems.

- MOBOTIX Integration -
MOBOTIX can be integrated using a proprietary driver developed by IQ Messenger that has been in use for years.
The following instructions are intended to make the integration of the c71 NurseAssist events into IQ Messenger clear and easy to understand.

- Getting started -
The c71 NurseAssist Sensor comes with a configuration optimized for the use case and thus differs significantly from other MOBOTIX cameras by default.
In order to integrate the alarms into IQ Messenger, this configuration must be extended with action groups, which convert the MxMessage events created by the NurseAssist app into IP notifications and address the event types prepared in the MOBOTIX driver of IQM.

At the end of this article you’ll find a prepared config file which can be uploaded to a c71 NurseAssist, making it easier to get started with the integration. Further explanation below.

Caution: This config should be uploaded to a c71 NurseAssist in factory settings. If changes have already been made in the affected menus, these may be overwritten by the contents of this file.

- Config Parameters -
IQM supports a variety of MOBOTIX event types based on the naming of the event profiles in the configuration of the MOBOTIX software.

The following MOBOTIX event names and types are assigned in IQM:

Supported Event Types Supported Event Profile Names
Video Motion VM1, VM2, VM3, VM4, VM5
Illumination IL1, IL2, IL3, IL4, IL5
Microphone MI1, MI2, MI3, MI4, MI5
Temperature TP1, TP2, TP3, TP4, TP5
Recording RE1, RE2, RE3, RE4, RE5
UC Soft Button UC1, UC2, UC3, UC4, UC5
Signal Input Bell1, Bell2, Bell3, Bell4, Bell5

The Kepler NurseAssist app always triggers an MxMessageSystem event, which is not yet supported by IQM at the time of documentation. Since the integration in IQM is mainly based on the naming of the event profiles and less on the actual event type used, we use the “VM events” to integrate the NurseAssist events.

- IP Notify Profile -
To do this, we first create profiles under “Admin Menu / Transfer Profiles / IP Notify”, which contain the connection and event information for IQM:

Note: As a newly created Video Motion event profile automatically starts with the name “VM1”, we recommend using the name “VM2” and following. “VM2” is used for the “Fall_Detected” event in our example.

The string used under “Message” contains important variables that are automatically replaced by camera information and the event name “VM2”, which is hard-defined for the use case.


The event name in the string must therefore always be adapted for other event types.

- Test IP Notify -
To ensure the correct configuration of the IP Notify, the created profile can be triggered manually under “Admin Menu / Network Setup / Test Current Network Configuration” to test that the IP Notify is received properly.

- Action Group Profile -
In order to link the “Fall_Detected Event” with the sending of the IP Notify and thus trigger a “VM2 Event” in IQM, a new Action Group must be created under “Setup Menu / Event Control / Action Group Overview”.

A corresponding MxMessageSystem event profile is already created by default for each of the Kepler NurseAssist events. In our example, we select the “Fall_Detected” event profile and link it to the “IQM VM2” action profile that we created previously.

Following our example, the profile names “VM3”, “VM4” and “VM5” are then used for the other available event types of the c71 NurseAssist.

- Prepared Config File -
As the attached config file only contains the extensions mentioned above, no config sections need to be excluded when uploading the config. The following parameters must be adjusted manually in each installation:

Event Profiles

  • Activation of the predefined MxMessageSystem event profiles (e.g. “Fall_Detected”)

IP Notify Profiles

  • Adjustment of the IP address and port of the IQ Messenger server
  • Customization of the username and password for authentication on the server

Mx_c71NurseAssist_IQMessenger_EventIntegration_20231127.cfg (5.4 KB)

- Further Supported Features -
In addition to the c71 NurseAssist events, the integration in IQ Messenger also includes the following features:

  • Display of the camera’s RTSP stream
  • Bi-directional communication via SIP
  • Triggering of audio notifications on the camera

Corresponding documentation is available on request from our colleagues at IQM.