Alarm integration of c71 NurseAssist in HPS ConnectedHealth

- About HPS ConnectedHealth -
HPS ConnectedHealth is a vendor independent cloud-based care platform integrating with a variety of communication and home automation services.

- Getting started -
The c71 NurseAssist Sensor comes with a configuration optimized for the use case and thus differs significantly from other MOBOTIX cameras by default.
In order to integrate the alarms into ConnectedHealth, this configuration must be extended with customized IP Notify profiles and action groups, which convert the MxMessageSystem events created by the NurseAssist app into compatible IP notification and address the alarm structure prepared in ConnectedHealth.

- Create an IP Notify profile -
Go to Admin Menu → Transfer Profiles → IP Notify Profiles. Click on the button Add new profile.
Fill in the fields as shown in the image below:

Caution: Please adjust the ConnectedHealth Destination Address accordingly.

Here is the content of the message box for easier copying:

  "uuid": $(MSG.LOCAL.KeplerNurseAssist.notification.uuid),
  "timestamp": $(MSG.LOCAL.KeplerNurseAssist.notification.timestamp),
  "type": $(MSG.LOCAL.KeplerNurseAssist.notification.notificationType),
  "stream": "$(ID.NAM)",
  "message": $(MSG.LOCAL.KeplerNurseAssist.notification.notificationType)

- Testing the configuration -
You can test the IP Notify profile configuration by going to Admin Menu → Network Setup → Test Current Network Configuration → IP Notify. Choose the IP Notify Profile you configured above.

- Activation of Kepler NurseAssist MxMessageSystem events -
Go to Setup Menu → Event Control → Event Overview → Message Events and activate the pre-defined MxMessageSystem event profiles you want to use as an alarm trigger for ConnectedHealth. By default only the global Kepler NurseAssist MxMessageSystem event profile is activated.

- Create an Action Group -
Go to Setup Menu → Event Control → Action Group Overview. Click on the button Add new group.

  • Define a name for the action group profile
  • Choose one of the pre-defined Kepler NurseAssist MxMessageSystem events in Event Selection
  • Click on the button Add new action and select the IP notify profile created according to the example above