C71 NurseAssist and OpenVPN

Hi there,

When doing some initial testing with a C71 with NurseAssist it seems as if though I’m not able to run the OpenVPN client as well. When rebooting the camera, OpenVPN works, but not NurseAssist. Disabling OpenVPN client and rebooting again and NureAssist works.

Is this a known limitation that I’m unaware of?

Marcus, Can you submit the report eml file to support@mobotix.com so we can take a look at the report.
This will give us a more detail info as it might disabling the Kepler app.

Do you mean the file from /admin/report.dmp? I’m not yet very well versed in your software interface :slight_smile:
I also noted now that you released a new firmware a few days ago (March 28th). Will install that and test again.

This was the solution to my problem. Latest update installed and now OpenVPN and NurseAssist co-exist without a problem (in the short while running it).

Seems I spoke to soon. It randomly reboots with both processes running. Will investigate further.

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Thank you very much Marcus,

for sharing your solutions and successes with us in the community. We will look at the combination with OPEN VPN and NurseAssist Kepler App again based on your feedback on “robustness” and optimise it if necessary.
Please let us know if the problem occurs again.