Openvpn with mobotix and mikrotik routers

Hello all
I am trying to be connected with a mobotix T26 to my office network through open vpn.
The open vpn server is set up on a mikrotik router in my office with certificates for CA, Clinet and Key Client.
I am able to use it properly through a computer using the Open VPN GUI and using a config file obviously.
On the other side on mobotix you may set everything form passphrases to username and passwords the 3 certs as well as cipher settings. It is not possible to use the config file although with all its essential settings, and thus I get an error message about the server connection. The message is “no server certificate verification method has been enabled openvpn message”.
Did anyone ever try to connect a camera through openvpn to another network?
The cameras state that the only vpn that can be used is point to point vpn. Maybe I am not set up like this through mikrotik.
I am using this setup in mikrotik for whoever is under knowledge of mikrotik.

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