C71 NurseAssist Pre-configuration

- About -
In order to optimize the software configuration of the smart healthcare sensor c71 NurseAssist for targeted use, some changes have been made compared to the usual default setting of the MOBOTIX cameras.
In this article, we present all changes and thus enable the quick and easy optimization of existing c71 installations to the requirements of NurseAssist.

Caution: The settings that are mandatory for the operation of the app are highlighted with yellow color.

- Default Config File -
The attached config file can be uploaded to each c71A and c71A-NurseAssist.
Since there are no network and security settings in this file, the configuration can be completely adopted during the upload without changing the corresponding settings and the camera may no longer be found.

Mx_c71NurseAssist_DefaultConfig_20231204.cfg (40.2 KB)

- Major config changes at a glance -

Camera Section Config Parameter Changed to Description
Admin / Hardware Configuration / Camera Mode Camera Mode DPU01 Changing the camera mode enables the necessary use of the DPU as a HW accelerator for neural networks. After changing the mode, the camera must be rebooted once.
Admin / Transfer Profiles / IP Notify Profiles IP Notify Profiles pre-defined IP notify profiles 2 IP notify profiles were pre-defined to enable and disable the pre-selected logo profiles to operate the privacy workflow. For the exact setup of the IP notify profile have a look at the section below.
Setup / Image Control / General Image Settings Resolution 2144x2144 This resolution is necessary to get the best possible performance out of the product. The NurseAssist App requires this setting.
Setup / Image Control / Exposure Settings Wide Dynamic Range On The use of WDR ensures that the camera image is evenly illuminated even in challenging lighting conditions (e.g. window front indoors).
Setup / Image Control / Color Settings White Balance / White Dynamic Range Combined First click on the “More” button to then set the best WDR White Balance for the intended use.
Setup / Image Control / Text & Display Settings Text Display / Display Font Size 16pt If you set the resolution as recommended, the text overlay appears very small. We therefore recommend this as the minimum size.
Setup / Image Control / vPTZ Settings vPTZ Actions Lock The use of the vPTZ actions has a direct impact on the image delivered by the camera and therefore also on the app performance. Incorrect or careless use may result in undetected events.
Setup / Event Control / Event Overview Image Analysis Events / AS inactive If the MxActivitySensor, which is active by default, does not make an essential contribution to the intended use, we recommend setting it to inactive
Setup / Event Control / Event Overview Message Events pre-defined event profiles Once the app has been activated on the camera, a global MxMessageSystem event profile “KeplerNurseAssist” is automatically created. This is triggered with all event types reported by the app. If you want to trigger different actions later depending on the event type, create a special MxMessageSystem profile for the corresponding event (e.g. Fall Detected). You will find a corresponding example below.
Setup Menu / Event Control / Action Group Overview Action Group pre-defined Action Groups 2 action groups have been added to the original config: One Action group for the visual alarm after NurseAssist event and another one for the execution of the predefined privacy workflow. The corresponding configuration for the privacy workflow is described in a separate MxCommunity article: [How to] c71 NurseAssist Privacy Workflow

- Example for MxMessageSystem Event Profiles -

Available Filter Values for NurseAssist events:

- Resetting the cameras to factory settings -
Contrary to the regular variant of the c71A, the factory settings of a c71A NurseAssist differ significantly.
Please note that the settings from the attached config file will be lost when (partially) resetting the regular variant to factory settings.

- Further Attachments -
To implement the privacy mode prepared in the config provided for download in the original “NurseAssist way”, the following image files must be uploaded as logos to existing camera systems (FW v7.3.2.x and older) under “Admin Menu / Logos and Image Profiles / Manage Image Files”.