[How to] c71 NurseAssist Privacy Workflow

- About -
In order to optimize the software configuration of the smart healthcare sensor c71 NurseAssist for targeted use, some changes have been made compared to the usual default setting of the MOBOTIX cameras.
In this article, we will outline specifically with the prepared privacy workflow as a supplement to the article C71 NurseAssist Pre-configuration

- About the Privacy Workflow -
The Privacy Workflow is intended for applications where there are corresponding specifications by customer requirements, works councils or laws that affect the privacy of patients in the field of view of the c71 NurseAssist sensors.
The purpose is to make the live image from the camera visible only when the defined work process requires it or when the patient is in a potential emergency situation.

- Why is this workflow not active by default? -
In order to understand, demonstrate and test the main function of the c71 NurseAssist as easily and quickly as possible, the default configuration was designed to detect a fallen person out of the box.
In the event that there are corresponding privacy requirements, we have prepared a privacy workflow that can be activated with just a few clicks.
This ensures that the image is only visible on an event of the Kepler NurseAssist app or on the manual event “UC” (e.g. as a virtual replacement for the regular nurse rounds at night).

- How to activate? -
Operate the prepared workflow after activating / customizing the following pre-defined profiles:

  1. Admin Menu / Logos and Image Profiles / Logo Profiles:
    Profile: “Privacy_UHD”
    Display Options: Change from “Hide” to “Show”

→ Temporarily confirm the change by clicking on the “Set” button. After this click, the live image is covered by a privacy logo.

  1. Admin Menu / Transfer Profiles / IP Notify Profiles
    After the default admin password “meinsm” has been changed as part of the initial setup, the passwords must also be adjusted in the two pre-defined IP Notify profiles to switch the used logo profile on and off.

Profile: Logo_On & Logo_Off
Setting: Security / HTTP Authentication

*Important: Even if HTTP is switched off during initial setup, localhost communication will continue to work in this way. This is exclusively an internal camera communication. There is no other active HTTP communication.

  1. Setup Menu / Event Control / Action Group Overview:
    Profile: “NurseAssist_PrivacyWorkflow”
    Arming: Change from “Off” to “Enabled”

→ Temporarily confirm the change by clicking on the “Set” button. After you have clicked on the “Close” button, a dialog will open asking you whether you want to apply the changes permanently.
Only after the configuration has been permanently saved will the setting survive a reboot of the c71 NurseAssist.

- The following privacy process is operated using the privacy workflow: -

Standard: The live image from the camera is always completely covered by a privacy logo. Only the image overlays of the image analysis software (e.g. the marking of a person in the room) are visible.

Event case: If the NurseAssist App triggers an alarm, the logo is hidden for 2 minutes so that the nursing staff can take a closer look at the patient and assess the emergency situation as quickly as possible.

Virtual tour: If the c71 NurseAssist is to be used as a virtual replacement for tours by nursing staff, it is also possible to hide the privacy logo on a manual alarm, the so-called user click. Here too, the logo is automatically displayed again after two minutes. In the event that the situation can be assessed more quickly, the operator has the option of displaying the logo again immediately after acknowledging the “UC alarm”.

Two shortcuts have been defined for this in the camera’s web interface, which are located in the upper gray status bar of the camera’s live image view (see image attached).

Shortcut button 1: Manual UC alarm
Shortcut button 2: Acknowledgement