Can I ignore alarms that come up for a specified period of time?

When using mxmangement center sometimes there is activity on a camera that will keep setting the alarm off. Like someone doing work for 20 minutes and keeps setting the alarm off.

When the alarm comes up you can only cancel it, but there is no option to ignore it for a specified period of time. This is different to when you get a lost connection to a camera, you can ignore that for a specified period of time.

Does anyone know if there is a way to easily ignore an alarm for a specified period of time?

If there is no way, is there a way I can request this as a possible update to MX Management Center. It is quite annoying to have an alarm that keeps coming back up every few seconds, and if you turn off the alarm, you will easily forget to turn it back on.


Hello @Edward1,

It is only possible to creat weekly profiles in the MxMC to avoid alarms of a specific camera withing a time range.

The other way is to deactivate the “Alarms” within the camera to avoid an alarm in MxMC.

When you want to push this feature as an future function in MxMC. Please contact our international support to clarifiy this a little bit more :