Certified Apps/MxMC SmartData configuration

The SmartData interface has already been integrated in the following Certified Apps.


  • Mobotix 7 Camera (M73 or S74) (min. firmware
  • MxManagementCenter 2.4 (min. version)

One of the following apps:

  • FF LPR (license plate recognition)
  • Vaxtor LPR ( license plate recognition)
  • Visage Technologe Face Recognition (face recognition)

It is possible to store the data sent by the app in the SmartData database of the camera and to perform a targeted search in MxManagementCenter.

Proceed as follows:

1. Activate MxMessage system in the app

To do this, you need to activate the MxMessage system in the app (e.g. the FF LPR app)
Setup Menu: Settings for Certified Apps
-> FF LPR Settings
-> Enable MxMessage

This means that the app automatically sends the data to the camera via JSON-MxMessage when a detection is made.

2. Add SmartData data source in the camera
To enable the camera to store the app data in the SmartData database, the data source must still be specified within the camera.

Admin Menu: SmartData Configuration
Click Add Smart Data Source and specify the source.
These must look like the following for the respective app

FF LPR = FFLPR.plate
Vaxtor LPR = VaxALPR.plate
Visage = VT_Face.face

Permanently save and restart the camera:
After you have entered the data source, save this configuration permanently and reboot the camera.
After rebooting, the data source is registered at the SmartData interface

In this example you can see that the FF-LPR app has already recognized a license plate and the data has been sent to the Smart Data interface and received as well.

The designation of the source is fixed.
The raw data that is sent along with the data looks like this:


3. Create SmartData source in MxManagementCenter
If you are using the SmartData of a Certified App, no further license for MxManagementCenter is required.

To create a SmartData source in MxManagementCenter, you need to proceed as follows.
MxManagementCenter -> View -> Components -> SmartData Sources
Select there : Add P7 App

Now it depends on which Certified App you are using.

Select the appropriate app under P7 App, in the example the FF-LPR App is used.
It is important that you enter the data source under Name that has been assigned within the camera.

FF LPR = FFLPR.plate
Vaxtor LPR = VaxALPR.plate
Visage = VT_Face.face

As data source select the Mobotix 7 camera that contains the SmartData data.
SmartData Quelle MxMC EGLISCH

Now restart the MxMC.

After the restart go to the Smart Data Search
MxManagementCenter -> View -> SmartData Search

Now select your source and click on the reload button in the upper right corner.
The MxMC should now load and display the data from the SmartData Interface of the camera.
If you make a recording at the same time, you will get a matching recording for each SmartData value.

In the factory settings, no further filtering is carried out at first and you will receive all available SmartData data.
If you want to filter further, you must proceed as follows.
Right click on the + symbol
Now you can filter different values.

In this example, filtering is done according to a specific license plate.
Afterwards you will only see the data that matches the filter you set.

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