Direct access to MxFFS data from storage devices (SD cards, USB and SSD drives etc)

Since the MxManagementCenter version 2.2.0 it is possible for SD cards, USB and SSD drives, with MxFFS data written by a camera, to be accessed directly from the software. Without the need to use a camera to view the recordings.

To do that you need to disconnect the SD-Card (or any other storing device) from the camera and connect it to a PC with an installation of ManagementCenter.

In some cases you could get a notification from Windows to Format the device in order to use it. This is because MxFFS is not a format that is recognized by Windows. Ignore that since you dont want to delete the data that they are saved in the storage device.

Note: To use this feature, the application must be started with administrative rights (Windows) or by using “sudo” (macOS).

Start ManagementCenter 2.2.0 (or any newer version)

As next step press the padlock symbol to unlock it and then press the ‘+’ sysmbol and there select ‘MxFFS Medium’

ManagementCenter will automatically find the device and insert it under the ‘Clips & Recordings’ section.
Now you can search, watch and export the recording from this storage device.