How to read flash media (USB devices, SD cards) containing MX recordings with MxCC

The latest version of MxControlCenter allows for direct access of SD cards, USB sticks and USB hard drives written by MOBOTIX cameras with software version or higher.
MxCC also supports the newest Windows 10 (64 bit) OS.

MxCC can be found at the following link:
Password: soccer

“Quick installation” for upgrading MxControlCenter (MxCC) to v2.5.4.5

IMPORTANT: If you are updating from a version of MxCC older than version, you must run the FFSSetup.exe driver installer from the existing installation to uninstall the old MxFFS driver before installing version After installing version, run FFSSetup.exe from the new program folder to install the new MxFFS driver.

  1. If MxCC is already running, exit the program.

  2. Locate the program folder of the previous version of MxCC and run FFSSetup.exe.

  3. If the installer asks if you want to uninstall the driver, click OK or YES. If the installer asks if you want to install the driver, click CANCEL or NO. In this case, the old driver is not installed and you can skip to step #5.

  4. Uninstall/remove the previous version of MxCC.

  5. Install MxCC version by running the automatic installer or by creating a folder for the program and copying all files from the zip file to that folder.

  6. Open the MxCC program folder (version and run FFSSetup.exe. Click on OK or YES to install the new MxFFS driver.

  7. You can now play back recorded video from direct file server paths and from SD cards/Flash memory devices connected to the Windows computer.