Direct to Cloud - New feature add a camera direct to cloud

This simple, affordable solution is ideal for businesses with multiple locations requiring only a few cameras at each location where the upfront investment is a major factor in the decision.

With Camera Direct to Cloud you can easily add supported cameras directly to the MOBOTIX CLOUD VMS without the need to purchase a Bridge or additional Cloud specific hardware.

The new function is available in the Dashboard of the Cloud:

Screenshot 2023-04-11 at 07.49.01


The MOBOTIX CLOUD support this new “way” to add cameras to the Cloud and MOBOTIX MOVE cameras will support this feature with the SX Firmware Update from October 2024 and NEW the UX Firmware!

Typical Use Case for Adding cameras via Direct to Cloud:

Camera Direct to Cloud is ideal for small locations with a few cameras (typically 1 to 4 cameras) where price is just as important as the quality of the VMS. Customers with adequate bandwidth that are looking to reduce CapEx spending by focusing only on the required camera hardware and nothing else.

The Most Arguments for the Direct to Cloud:

  • Businesses looking for cost effective surveillance with limited cameras (1 to 4 cams) per location.

  • Remote, unstaffed locations, or a location where space is limited.

  • An MOBOTIX CLOUD user with adequate bandwidth that needs to add a single camera to an existing system.

  • Fast installations – Less on-site equipment means faster installations

  • Start small, but you have the freedom to increase the number of cameras and subsequently establish the additional advantages of the bridge in your system if required.

After adding a camera it will appear in the Dashboard as shown in the screenshot: