Enabling and Disabling the Speakers & Microphones via HTTP API

To enabling and disabling the Speakers & Microphones via HTTP API:

<Camera-IP>/admin/audio?AUDIO_IN=0&save_config (Disable Mircophone)

<Camera-IP>/admin/audio?AUDIO_IN=2&save_config (Enable Microphone)

<Camera-IP>/admin/audio?SPEAKER=0&save_config (Disable Speaker)

<Camera-IP>/admin/audio?SPEAKER=2&save_config (Enable Speaker)

<Camera-IP>/admin/audio?AUDIO_IN=0&SPEAKER=0&save_config (Disable both Speaker and Microphone)

The list below gives the numerical values you can use within this API command, depending on what you need to enable


0 = off
2 = internal speaker (on S14/15/16 internal line out)
3 = ExtIO/CamIO speaker
5 = ExtIO line out


0 = off
2 = internal microphone
3 = ExtIO microphone
5 = ExtIO line in
6 = microphone cam 0 (S14/15/16)
7 = microphone cam 1
8 = microphones of both cams
9 = line in S14/15 board

Hello Michael,

I am trying to enable/disable the microphone through the API command, and following your tips above, I only get the error message:
“408 Request Timeout
Please reload the form without submitting CGI parameters.”

I am using a Google Chrome browser and a T26 running firmware to test this.

Miguel Câmara