Error message "OA: some parameters are wrong"

As I save the settings to the flash memory of my D16 night optic pano cam, I surprisingly get the error message “OA: some parameters are wrong” in the lower left corner of my live view. Unfortunately I have experimented with a variety of parameters, in particular PTZ and exposure and have not saved to my iMac every new setting. In hindsight I should have done that on a regular basis so as to be able to easily revert to an earlier error free set of parameters. Compared to the initial factory settings I have invested quite a number of hours defining obscured areas, etc., so unless absolutely necessary, I would very much like to avoid resetting the factory settings of the entire cam.

What could the error message imply? Which particular parameters should I review in order to find the erroneous parameters?

The problem lies in the “Obscure Image Area” settings.

Set up menu–>General Image Settings–>Obscure Image Area

:+1: :pray: Many thanks Mx-MichaelS! I very much appreciate your rapid and helpful reply! Thanks to your hint, I could eliminate a few lines, which I thought that I had successfully “commented away” by using the “!” (exclamation sign). Obviously the exclamation sign is not the right sign to use to start a comment line. For the moment, I simply took away the lines I did not want to have interpreted as parameters and that solved the problem - the error message disappeared.

In case you could tell me what the right sign is to use to start a comment line, then please let me know.

With my best regards,