Possible Bug with MX-System Release #1)

Cameras observed: S16D and D16

On these two cameras, I have “Linked Image Control” checked in the Exposure Settings. After a reboot, the exposure settings change to some unknown value. If I try to make any changes in the Exposure Settings Attributes, there appears to be NO effect.

My temporary fix was to:

  1. uncheck the “Linked Image Control” checkbox
  2. click “Set”
    3 recheck(check) the “Linked Image Control” checkbox
    4 click “Set”

After these steps, the “Linked Image Control” works again. But, after a reboot, I will need to do the process over.

Anyone else have this issue??

Hello @BenDair,

I can reproduce this behaviour.

In this case please contact our international support, so that this issue can be checked further.

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Just an FYI. I’ve also experienced this same issue with an S15D camera using the latest firmware.