System Messages

Camera S16B - Dual -Has latest firmware

According to the release notes for MX-V5.2.1.4
## Bugfixes

* Wrong system messages
The Transfer of image files delayed more than 60 seconds! message erroneously appeared in the system messages and triggered false alarms of the store failure detection, if it had been configured.

I still get these in system messages. I also get the storage emails. And I mainly get them when the illumination is low (i.e., at night). I also get them on x5 models. Also mainly at night. If I have an ipnotify that is triggered fairly often (like every 5 minutes. The events are triggered by illumination), I get even more messages. But again, mainly at night. I did cut down the ip notify’s being triggered as an experiment. And it has reduced down the amount of messages by a huge amount. Is there still a bug in the camera software?

I am not ruling out that it is a network problem on my end. I’ve spent a lot of time trying to diagnose my network before posting. But, there there are so many variables and I have only so many brain cells to deal with them.

Forgot to mention I am using Storage in MxFFS Archive With SD Card as a Fallback Buffer

Some new info. Since reducing events that produce frequent ipnotify on all my cameras, I have an M15 camera where reducing ipnotify has not reduced the amount of storage messages and emails (especially at night). I am thinking maybe because of this setting: “camera=auto”? Is the auto mode actually running an internal notify type program in the background?

I hope I am making sense. I’m not sure I even understand myself.