Health Monitoring Dashboard - optimal settings

The Cloud has a sensitive monitoring of the connected bridges in the Cloud dashboard.
The information is very helpful for the installer and with the appropriate expertise can take further measures to check the system status.

The following conditions are monitored by the bridges:

  • CPU overload
  • Temperature peaks
  • Bandwidth usage
  • Lost recordings that could not be synchronised with the cloud (e.g. due to too permanent too little bandwidth vs. the data volume).

As this monitoring is designed for “spikes” and reacts very early, it requires further analysis if there is really a problem or if the system is working error-free. The Cloud offers the reseller to show or hide this function individually for his sub-accounts.

Examples of messages:
Screenshot 2023-06-16 at 06.45.08
Screenshot 2023-06-16 at 06.49.17

The message can vary depending on the detected problem and must be uncritical despite the red colouring of the bridge. The message “High Temperature detected” indicates temperature peaks that are usually not critical.

In the case of significant issues, however, support should be called in to carry out a more detailed analysis of the bridge to check whether there is a “real” problem.

Basically, the installer can check the following things on the bridge in advance:

  • Are all cameras online?
  • Is the playback working?
  • Is there enough bandwidth to upload the data?
  • Is the installation location of the Bridge optimal for a passively cooled system?

Disable Bridge Health Display: Prevents this information from being displayed in the sub account (this affects the sub account users and not the admins of the reseller account).