Help in choosing a product

Hello everyone! I need your help. Currently, in our company, we have 36 Mobotix cameras (x14/x24/x15/x25, T24M/T25M) that are recording directly onto a Synology NAS dedicated only for these devices. Everything is working perfectly so far.
We need to buy 6 more cameras, and we are considering choosing the MX Move range (VandalBullet VB1A-4-IR-D). Our question is whether the MX Move range can record directly onto our Synology NAS, as the other 36 cameras are configured, or if we will need to purchase an MOVE NVR for MX Move models.
Thank you for your help!!

I would rather MOVE some camera from inside to outside and replace them with c26/i26/p26 camera, rather than use Move cameras if there is a way to achieve that. You would need nvr or mobotix nas to use them correctly.

what is surprising is that to install and configure 42 cameras you do not have an integrator, he would have told you that no, we cannot record the moves in the same way

Les caméras c26, i26, et p26 ne sont pas des caméras d’extérieur.

I guess, you said something along the lines that those cameras are for indoor use. That is why i suggested moving older cams (x4 series, that did not have any indoor models) to outside, and in those places install indoor models - if that is possible. Pricing would be close, but they would keep current recording structure/logic.

Je pense que vous pouvez traduire mon texte dans votre langue, donc je fais écrire en Français c’est plus simple pour moi et d’être compréhensible .
C’est effectivement une bonne solution, ça permet de conserver la structure existante, et le coût en est réduit, de plus les prix d’achat des caméras intérieur sont raisonnable compte tenu de la qualité et des fonctionnalités.

Good morning everyone! My preference for using Mobotix Move cameras is because they already have night vision. Regarding the configuration, I prefer to manually configure each camera individually and, after everything is okay, I back up the settings. Regarding recording, we haven’t set anything specific, only when there is movement or image alteration.

Forgot to mention that these mobotix move cameras are for outdoor installation :slight_smile:

Please DM your email address so i can pass this along to our sales team and they can give you demo or information regarding this integration.