Horizontal banding lines rolling through live image (flickering)

Horizontal banding may occur when the frequency of the light source is close to the inverse of the exposure time of the camera (e.g. 50Hz frequency, 1/50s exposure time). This effect is more prominent in the case of fluorescent/LED lighting and with b/w sensors.

The following steps will help to solve or mitigate this effect:

  • Switch the camera from “No Artificial Light” to “50Hz” or “60Hz” (Setup Menu - Exposure Settings - More - Frequency of Power Supply).
  • Increase or decrease the exposure time (Setup Menu - Exposure Settings - Exposure Time - Max. Exposure Time)
  • Change the exposure program to +4 or +6 (Setup Menu - Exposure Settings - Exposure Time - Exposure Program).

As such settings highly depend on the lighting conditions, it is not possible to recommend standard values. This needs to be tested directly on site.