Adjust net frequency?

I use a C26b night as a smart sensor. It has an IR ring to illuminate the room when completely dark.
But I encountered another inconvenient problem: All lighting in the room is LED which is driven by PWM dimming. This means the frequency does not match 50Hz or 60Hz. The DMX controlled lighting has a PWM freq. of 123Hz. 60Hz does give a lot less flickering and rolling than 50Hz (the default in the EU). But still I notice that detections both using MxMotion or plain motion are triggered by the rolling image and flickering lighting.

When in the config of the cam, only none, 50Hz or 60Hz can be chosen. Will the camera adapt other values when I change it in the manual config file? (123Hz for example, or 61,5 maybe…)


Hi @TimBeullens,
it is not possible to adjust the net frequency to an other value.

The only possibility is to setup the exposure settings step by step, so that the exposure-time is in the same range like the LED light.

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Done this, and that seems to work out quite nice :slight_smile:

Will there, by any chance be a WDR setting in the future for these cam’s? Changing shutter speeds makes that some light sources have more impact, and image is a bit bright in that area. I think WDR could solve this

good to hear that the API is working

At the moment it isn’t planed for the x6-Series.

WDR will be avaiable in our new camera M73.

Maybe WDR will be implemented in the future for the x6-series, but at the moment it will not be implemented.