How to avoid multiple recordings in a short time

M15 with MX-V4.7.2.35-r1 (2019-10-09)

I have setup several Image Analysis Events which are used to start a recording.
Each of these video motion events consist of a number of windows as defined in “Video Motion Definitions”.
The “Event Dead Time” for each event is 30 seconds.
In the “Storage Settings - Start Recording” all these events are selected with a recording time of 90 seconds.
“Retrigger Recording” is set to “(select none)”.

The issue I have is that multiple recordings are generated when something moves in one of the motion detection windows.
In MxManagementCenter 2.2 I can have 9 recordings in 3 seconds!!!
What I was expecting was a 90 seconds recording for the first activation and another one if a motion detection window is triggered after the Event Dead Time of 30 seconds.

Am I doing something wrong??

Just fed the birds in the garden and checked the Research in the View selection.
77 recordings while I was in the garden for exactly 60 seconds!!

If you are referring to the number of events triggered then keep in mind that each of your events are handled individually. A triggered event will not suppress other events from triggering. So in 30 seconds you can trigger all of them once.

THIS video helped me a lot to understand the issue i had.