Retrigger doesn't appear to work on M16

I have set my M16 to record (event recording) for 90s based on 2 AS event triggers that each have a 60s dead time - with the recording set to RETRIGGER based on the same two events. Once recording starts, the camera records exactly 90 seconds - regardless of continuing/new activity in the AS event areas. It then stops recording and will not begin again for 60s (I assume the 60s is the dead time of the events that is being activated by activity - but not being picked up in the retrigger).
Any advice?

Hi @MichaelB ,
this should work.
AS is triggering → Recording of 90s begins → After 60s dead time when AS is triggerin again, the recording should be retriggert → after this 90s with no new AS Triggering you should have a recording of 150s.

In my case it is working.

Did you configure the recording as follow?

Yes - here is my config.

I am wondering if it is because I have “Full Image Recording” set to “On”. Would that prevent it from functioning as expected? (It changes resolution during recording).

I will set Full Image Recording to “Off” to see if it makes a difference.

In your case it might be that the camera is overloaded and thats why it doesn’t retrigger properly.

Use the $(IMG.FRJ) variable in the Text & Display Settings under Setup menu. This will display the frame rate available. For activity sensor to work properly this number should never drop below 6. If it drops below six or if it constantly low that is why the camera doesnt retrigger.

You should then release some resources by deactivating some camera processes. Is there a reason why you are using 2 AS windows? Couldnt you replace the second one with a VM or eliminate?

Here is (in case you havent read it) the compact guide for the Activity sensor.