Door Station won't make calls when Bell Buttons on BellRFID are pressed

If the bell buttons of the BellRFID are not properly inserted into the module, it is possible that the camera will not send call notifications to the remote stations. This is indicated through a “blip” sound when pressing a button, but the call does not complete on the Door Station (sound) nor on the remote station (e.g. MxDoorMaster, MxBell, SIP-Phone).

It is important to note that the bell buttons have an embossed arrow on the back on the left and right side, and the buttons must be installed so that the arrows point upwards. If the buttons are inserted with the arrow facing downwards, it will cause them to get stuck and the button press not to register.

It is also important to note that the silicon insert is inserted correctly, as this can lead to the same effect.