How to configure and use Video-Push in MOBOTIX HUB

Video Push driver allows you to turn your smartphone into a surveillance camera.
You can use the Video Push function on your smartphone to send the live stream of your smartphone to the MOBOTIX HUB.
To do this, you can start a recording or use additional rules.

You can see how to configure this in the following article

1. Add a Video Push Source in ManagementClient

ManagementClient → Servers → Mobile Servers → Video Push

Click Add and enter a User into the field User name which has the right to use the Mobile Client.

After adding the source, you can see the following entry.

Note the PORT of this, we will need this to add this as a camera afterwards

Default: 40001

Click on Change Password

Enter the right password for the user you have entered to add the source.


2. Add a Video Push Device to the Recording Server

ManagementClient → Servers → Recording Servers → Right Click on your Recording Server → Add Hardware

→ Select Manual

Click Next

Enter the credential of your User which you have used to add the Video Push Source

Click Next

Select the Driver: Mobotix - Video Push Driver

Click Next

Enter the following credentials

Address: Enter the Adress of your Mobile Server
Port: use the Port of your Video Push Source (Default: 40001)
Hardware Model: Video Push Driver

Click Next

Hardware will be right detected

Click Next

Hardware information will be collected successfully

Click Next

You can activate Microphone and Metadate

Click Next

Add this Video Push Device into a camera group.

Add Microphone and Metadata to a group

Click Finish

Assign this Video Push Camera to the source

ManagementClient → Servers → Mobile Servers → Video Push

Click on Finde Cameras.

The camera will be added to the source

Check if the user have the right to access this camera

Management Client → Security → Role → Select your Role for Mobile Users → Device

3. Use Video Push in HUB Mobile App

Open the HUB Mobile App and click on the marked symbol.

Now you should have an livestream from the Mobile Device.
Click on Start to activate the connection to the Mobile Server and Recording Server

By clicking on Settings you can configure the Video Resolution and Image Quality

Here you can see a short Clip of how it looks like in the HUB Desk Client: