How to get the AI-App Livestream into the MOBOTIX HUB

Each AI app selbs can provide its own MJPEG stream.

the URL for this is as follows:

example Livestream AI traffic:

How to get this stream into the MxHub can be seen in this article

1. Activate and configure your AI-App

AI-Tech Manual

AI-Tech Guideline

2. Add the AI-Tech Livestream into the MxHub

→ ManagementClient → Recording Server → Right Click → Add Hardware

Select Manual

Click Next

Add your camera credentials of your camera admin user

Click Next

Select as Driver Universal → Universal 1 channel driver

Click Next

Fill in the IP-Adresse of your camera on which the AI-App is running
Select Universal 1 channel driver as Hardware Model

Click Next

Hardware will be detected:

Click Next

Hardware informationen will be collected

Click Next

Click Next

Select your default camera group

Click Finish

3. Configure the Universal Camera
→ ManagementClient → Recording Server → Select the Universal 1 channel driver

Click on Settings

Set the following Settings:

HTTPS Enabled: Yes
HTTPS Port: "Port of the AI-App Webserver"
HTTPS Validate Certificate: No
HTTPS Validate hostname: No
Include URI Ptions on RTSP PLAY request: No

Click on the universal 1 channel driver camera in the Recording Server tree

Set the following settings:

No you should be able to see the livestream of your AI-App

It is only possible to receive a resolution of: 640x360!!


4. Configure AI-App for MxHub Recording

Open your AI-App → Configuration → Event → Milestone Event

Set up the Server IP of your MxHub Server
Set up the Server port: "Default: 9090"
Set up the Device IP which the Event is related to
Select the AI-App Events which should trigger this event

Enable the Analytics Events in the MxHub

→ ManagementClient → Tools → Options → Analytic Event

Create a new Analytic Event.

The name for this event is Road (AITraffic App)

Analytic Event name for AI-Apps:

AITraffic: Road
AIBiodeep: Bio
AICrowdDeep: Overcrowd
AIFacedetect: Face
AIFire: Fire
AIIntrusionPro: Sterile_Zone, Crossing_Line, Intrusion_Pro
AILoitering: Loitering
AILost: Lost
AIParking: Parking_Spot_Change, Parking_Lot

Create a Rule for Recording

Now your system will receive a livestream directly from the AI-App and will record, when an event is triggered by the app

Short clip of how a recording looks like