How to configure Camera Pop-ups on MxThinClient

This is the procedure to display camera pop-ups on a MxThinClient.

Please Note: The MOBOTIX IoT and MOVE cameras will need to be added to the MxThinClient before hand.

  1. Setup MxMessageSystem on the MxThinClient

Network settings: MxMessageSystem – Distribution of Message over the Network > Enable Networking

Important: Make sure that these entries are identical to the entries in the MxMessageSystem configuration of all cameras or door stations that are sending messages.

  1. Setup MxMessageSystem on the required camera

a. Admin Menu > Network Distribution of Messages > Enable Networking

b. Admin Menu > Message Profiles for Actions Groups > Create a new profile

  • Create a MxMessageSystem Name (this will need to be identical throughout the rest of the process.)

  • Ensure you select “Global” on the Message Range

  1. Setup the Event to trigger the MxMessage
  • Setup Menu > Event Overview

  • Most common triggers are VM, AS, Signal Input, UC Event

  • AS will be used in this example

  1. Create an Action Group
  • Setup Menu > Action Group Overview

  • Event Selection= Desired event in Step 3

  • Action will be the MxMessage

  1. Configure the MxThinClient to listen for this message
  • MxThinClient > Image Sources > Required Camera > Message Name

  • Ensure you add the MxMessageSystem Name created in Step 2b. (Remember it must be identical)

Please Note:

  1. All cameras and MxThinClients will need to be time synchronized

  2. The popup camera will only pop-up for the defined sequencing duration time.