Sending an MxMessage from a Mobotix IOT camera to an MxMove camera

It might sometimes to be useful to send an MxMessage from and IOT camera to a Move camera in order to start recording or perform some other action.

Your MxMove camera will need to be one of the newer models that supports the MxMessage Event. Any IOT camera from Mx4 (with firmware 4.4.x.x and above) to Mx7 will support this. Both cameras will need to be within the same Local Area Network in order for this to work.

  1. First make sure both cameras are configured with a working NTP server and have the correct time zone.
  2. In Move camera configure the MxMessage Event. I used the message “trigger” but you can use whatever you prefer. I also had the event cause an API userclick be sent back to the IOT camera to confirm message was received but you can select any of the available actions.

  1. Configure the message broadcast on the IOT camera in Admin Menu > MxMessageSystem > Network Distribution of Messages

  1. Configure the Message for Action Groups in Admin Menu > MxMessageSystem > Message Profiles for Action Groups. Make sure it is set to Global

  1. Now create an action group on the IOT camera or add this new action to an existing action group to send the message to the Move camera.

  1. Test your setup by triggering your action group and verify that the Move camera performed the configured action.