How to perform an Investigation in the MOBOTIX HUB Mobile App and MOBOTIX HUB Mobile WebClient

The HUB Mobile App and the HUB WebClient allow you to perform an examination and view, adjust and download it afterwards via WebClient.

Let’s say you are on the road and see something suspicious in the recordings and want to review and possibly download it afterwards. For this purpose there is an option “Investigations”.
Here you can mark an area of the recording and investigate it further afterwards.

How to proceed in the HUB Mobile App and in the HUB WebClient is described in this article.

There are 4 main parts in this article

- Enable Investigation in the Mobile Server
- How to create an Investigation in HUB Mobile App
- How to create an Investigation in HUB WebClient
- How to download an Investigation via HUB WebClient

Enable Investigations in the Mobile Server

ManagementClient → Servers → Mobile Servers → Investigations

Enable the Investigations

The default investigation folder is on C:\ProgramData\MOBOTIX\HUB Mobile Server\Exports

You can change the location by right clicking on the Mobile Server Icon in the taskbar and select: Change Investigation Folder


Define a size limit for investigations. (When the storage limit is reached, no new examinations can be made until older examinations are removed)

Here you can also delete existing Investigations!

How to create an Investigation in HUB Mobile App

Select All Cameras or a specific View

In this example we create a Investigation for the M73 Edge Recording camera

On the Liveview click on the Recording Button

Now click on the Investigation Button

Click into the left image and select a start time for your investigation.
The same step for the endtime of your investigation

Then click Create

After a while the investigation is completed

Click on Investigations to get the list of your Investigations

Now you get a list of your investigations

Click on one of your Investigations

Here you can see some details of your investigation

By Clicking in SEE CAMERA you can have a look into your Investigation

You can Playback your Investigation

How to create an Investigation via HUB WebClient

You can access the HUB WebClient via the following URL:

http://ip-adresse-Mobile-Server:8081 (Default Port)


http://hostname-mobile-server:8081 (Default Port)

Login with your User which has created the Investigation or another user

Click on Investigation in the upper menu

Select All Cameras and click on the +-Symbol of the camera you want to create an Investigation

Select the time range of your investigation and click Save → Save as and give them a name

After saving your Investigation you can see this in the menu: Investigations
In this example we created a Investigation with the name: Mobile Client

How to download an Investigation via HUB WebClient

When you have created an Investigation via HUB Mobile App or HUB WebClient you can see them in the Investiation list.

When clicking on Ongoing you have the possibility to Delete this Investigation or to Download it.

You can prepare the following packages

  • AVI package
  • Database package
  • MKV package

in this example we create an AVI package

=> Click on prepare

the package is now preparing

After the preparing is finished you are able to Download this file.

The HUB WebClient will download an ZIP File which you should extract after the download.
Then you can have a look into it with every player which supports the AVI Codec.