[HOW-TO] Remove Moisture on Glass inside Move Cameras

In certain cases you may suffer of moisture on glass inside Move Cameras.

As nature of our Move cameras ventilation/ air convection technology used on bullet cameras, there is a “Goretex” membrane ( gore-valve)designed in.
This allows air (even humid air) to go in and out but seals against water ingress. As such when starting up the camera along internal air heating process this condensation effect will occur in case started up under “ cold” environment!
This shall disappear after some hours of operation .
You may have noticed that air convection opening in housing along outboxing, as this hole is covered by a silica gel bag and needs to be removed prior to operation.
To speed up the heating - we recommend to activate IR illumination permanently for period of time in case this condensation may occur in field - however this condensation will disappear along operation.


Ideally when installing Move Cameras during cold weather, we suggest to applied power to the camera just after wall mounted.