How to set Patrolling for PTZ cameras in MOBOTIX HUB

The MxHub offers patrolling for PTZ cameras.

This allows you to move to specific points at specific times, start patrolling at specific times, and end patrolling again in a time-controlled manner.

You also have the option of setting an end point.

How you need to configure it, you can read in this article

1.Set Presets in the camera
The MxHub refers to the presets configured in the camera and can read them out.
First of all, you have to configure the presets in the camera; this has to be configured differently for each camera manufacturer.

In our Move PTZ cameras (SD330/SD340) you do this under the following menu in the camera:

2. Activate PTZ in MxHub
ManagementClient → Recording Servers → “Select your PTZ camera” → PTZ

PTZ Protocol: Realtive

3.How to load the presets from the camera

ManagementClient → Recording Servers → “Select your PTZ camera” → Presets

Click on Get

The MxHub will load the preset settings from the camera.

4.Configure the Patrolling

→ ManagementClient → Recording Servers → “Select your PTZ camera” → Patrolling

Click Add and select the presets which you want to use

When clicking in “Go to specific position on finish” you can decide which position should be dispayed when the patrolling finishes.

5.Configure a Rule which starts the Patrolling

→ ManagementClient → Rules and Events → Rules

Right click → Add Rule…

In this case the Patrolling is running 24/7.
You can choose a timeprofile or a specifi time range like you want to have a patrolling.
Of course, you can also start patrolling after an event has occurred.

This is only an exampe.