How to use the Motion Search function in MOBOTIX HUB DeskClient

Search for motion

When you search for video recordings with motion, you can apply filters to show only search results with motion in areas that you define.


Use smart search to find video footage of a person entering through a doorway that is monitored by multiple cameras.


  • To use smart search filters, smart search must be enabled on your user profile by your system administrator.
  • MxHUB Motion Detection is using to detect motion in the liveimage
  • Recording is triggered by MxHub Motion Detection

How to configure and use the Search Fiter is explained in the next steps.

Enable Motion Detection in MxHub

Enable the Motion detection
ManagementClient → Recording Server → Select your Camera → Motion

Short explanation of motion treshold:

  • The higher the threshold, the more motion is required to activate motion detection. Likely, this will produce fewer search results.
  • The lower the threshold, the less motion is required to activate motion detection. Likely, this will produce more search results.

Check if the default Rule : Default Record on Motion Rule is activated

Using the Motion Search function for Motion Events

Open the Hub DeskClient and click on Search

Define a Time Range for your Search
Select the camera on which you want to search

Click on Search for…

Select Motion and click on New Search

Draw an Area on which you want to search for a motion.

Every Red Area is not included in the motion search

Afterwards you can see all events that have taken place in this area

When clicking on one event you will get more informations and can have a look into the recordings.

A short clip of how to use it: